Security Equipment

Effective Barriers For Extra Site Security.

BML Group is at the forefront of the property security industry in terms of the installation of gates, barriers, fencing and lighting – in short, everything you need to protect your premises from trespass, with effective mechanisms to facilitate visitor and staff access and relevant traffic management protocols.
Industrial gates

If you require high-security access control to your site off-premises, or you have areas of restricted access, our team has the expertise to provide you with made to measure industrial gates which suit your requirements.

You may wish to have automated, hydraulic gates fitted, or a manual set up which is regulated by on-site security guards.

Our industrial gates are all fitted to industry accredited standards and can also be integrated with other security facilities such as CCTV and intercoms.


If you need to have security barriers installed, we can supply industry standard or bespoke barriers for your site.

Key elements for consideration with automated barrier systems include space for an exit loop, clearance, beam size, skirt lighting and digital control capabilities.

BML Group also specialises in the provision of impact tested automatic or manual rising or retractable bollards for commercial or residential use, from entrances on industrial sites to on-street vehicle restriction and anti-ramraid mechanisms for retail premises.


We have a range of fencing solutions available, an effective way of putting a physical and imposing ring of security around your site or premises.

There is plenty of flexibility in terms of height, durability and appearance, so you can choose the type of security fencing which not only offers you the best protection, but also fits in with the nature of your business.

Whether you decide to use chain link, mesh or palisade security fencing to protect your property, our team will take care of all the fixtures and fittings involved in the installation work.
Security lighting

Security lighting systems offer you another protective layer to site security and can be integrated with CCTV and alarm systems.

From full flood lighting of factory sites or industrial parks to motion sensor LED lights which trigger automatically, our qualified team of engineers can help you find the right solution.

We can supply you with high performance external, site perimeter or internal LED lighting detection systems and illumination. These can be dovetailed with other security measures to quickly identify incidents of trespass.