Close Protection

Putting Your Personal Safety First.

BML Group’s security services extend beyond the realms of property and site protection. We can also work for you in the field of personal security and close protection with the deployment of personal bodyguards.

If you have an assignment which requires the close protection of you, a family member or client, we have a team of specialists, drawn from special forces personnel or senior roles in the Metropolitan police, who have all the skills required to keep you safe.

Our personal bodyguards are proactive, highly skilled and experienced in all matters relating to close protection, from discreet chaperoning work at high profile events through to undercover surveillance and tracking.

The close protection and personal bodyguard services we provide you include:

Threat Assessments

We can help you ascertain the level of threat against you, your business or a client and advise on the recommended course of action. We will help you maximize your personal safety, at home, at work or wherever else you go.

Bodyguard Deployment

We can assign you with your own personal bodyguards on a round the clock basis until the threat is deemed to have passed, as well as giving you access to a range of additional security measures like CCTV or fencing, either at home or in the workplace.