Fire Wardens

Fire Monitoring Service To Respond Quickly To Fire Risk.

Your business relies on your staff, your premises and your goods and assets, and fire damage can result in the temporary breakdown of operations or in worse case scenarios, complete loss of stock which results in business closure. Fire protection measures for your property are therefore essential.

BML Group can organise a comprehensive fire warden service on your behalf and 24/7 fire monitoring procedures to ensure that your property is protected from the risk of fire damage. Our systems also link directly with control centres which will ensure emergency services are on site in minutes to tackle a fire.

The role of a fire warden carries significant responsibility, not only in the protection of human life but also in the safeguarding of property and valuable goods. Their clarity of thinking and the ability to react immediately to eliminate or minimise risk is invaluable.

Our fully trained fire wardens and fire monitoring teams are well versed in fire safety in the workplace and the protection of property, including use of fire-fighting equipment, assessment of fire risk, evacuation procedures and ensuring your site displays appropriate fire protection information.

Fire Detection And Alarm Systems

We can help you protect your property against fire and smoke damage with an alarm system matched to your premises size. We can organise manual or automated alarms and install smoke and heat detectors and fire alarm points throughout your buildings.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

BML Group’s security system monitoring services also include fire monitoring and key holding. Our teams stay ahead of the competition and keep your property protected with up to date training on fire legislation training and technology, including equipment designed to reduce false alarms.

Out Of Hours Warden Services

Whether you choose to have a fire warden on site outside of normal office hours, or you need a back-up fire monitoring team to watch over your property, we can provide a solution to meet your requirements and protect your business assets against arson and fire damage.