Site Security

Keeping Your Premises Free From Unwanted Visitors.

BML Group property services can also help you regain control of your premises if you fall victim to squatters or travellers who have broken in or taken vacant possession of your property without permission. Other reasons include non-payment of rent by existing tenants.

The removal of squatters can be a frustrating and protracted process if a specific case ends up being out into the hands of the civil courts, but there are a number of measures you can take to discourage their continued presence whilst staying on the right side of the law.

Unwanted visitors may typically try to claim squatter’s rights and take up residence in your vacant premises, but they may have committed criminal offences such as breaking and entering or causing damage to your property whilst they are there.

It’s therefore crucial to act quickly and our team of security officers can be on the scene at a moment’s notice to deal firmly and legally with any given situation involving squatters. Early intervention can save you a lot of time and money, as well as avoiding property damage and delays in commercial or residential use.

Our enforcement teams are well versed on all the legal ramifications for completing relevant paperwork and applying for eviction notices and papers. It can take as many as 12 weeks if the matter is not handled quickly and properly at the outset, but BML Group has been able to help many of our customers successfully regain control and possession of their properties, as well as fully securing the premises, within a week.

Legal Assistance

Landowners do have certain legal rights under Common Law to remove trespassers with necessary force if they are not willing to leave. We can serve the requisite legal notices to squatters on your premises to vacate the property within 24 hours.

Police Liaison And Removal Methods

Our team of professionals can liaise directly with the police to help with legal removal of squatters, and can also organise specialist removal equipment to be brought on site if required.

Preventative Measures

And as soon as we have secured your property, we can advise you on the best courses of action for repairs and preventative measures such as security guards, mobile patrols or use of trained guard dogs, so that illegal occupation of your premises does not recur.